Women’s Head Covers Styles and Trends: Pre-War Hat Styles

doll hatIn the 1920’s women yearned to look sophisticated and wealthy; which is why the Cloche came back in. The cloche was a bell shaped hat that simply went out at the bottom and covered the wearer’s eyes a little bit, making one hold their head high which in effect made them look sophisticated. The cloche’s drawback was that it was somewhat masculine looking and did not have the femininity of other women’s hats. Eventually that lead to a change in styles.

This is when neat Feminine hats with extra trimming and finishes, such as the Doll Hat came into fashion. The doll hat is a wide brim that is not too stiff but not too floppy either. It gave off a very young, girly, doll like and playful look. It came in many different feminine colors and designs with bows, flowers and other sorts of embellishments. High crowned hats that sat on an angle on the head were also very in style for the same reason.

This style pretty much lasted till the late 1930’s when Crochet Snoods came into style. You might wonder how the style changed so drastically from beautiful stylish hats to simple Crochet Snoods. The reason is that in the late 1930’s World War II broke out and the women of that time wanted to show loyalty. Therefore, they chose to save these fabrics and materials for the army instead of wasting it for their own personal pleasure.

Stay tuned to next week to find out what head covers women wore during war time.


Women’s Head Covers Styles and Trends: 1900-1910, Styles Come and Go!

merry widow hatThe early 1900’s brought about a whole new style and era of head covers. While up until now all they had been looking for was comfort, since women started going out more it became all about wealth, class, royalty and sophistication. Therefore the simple hat such as the Bonnet they used to wear was mostly not worn by woman at this time. The women preferred something more elegant and fancy looking such as a lavish wide brimmed hat designed with either tulle or ribbon.

For example, a popular hat at this time was the Silhouette which is a wide brimmed hat designed with real human hair that the women used to collect either from their own hair or others. They also wore the pompadour which is more like a hair style where you put on a headband with teeth and place it a little further back than you would like it and then push it forward forming a little bump to provide height. However, in these days, the style was created with the help of a wide brimmed hat used as a base for women to build their hair up on to form a bump. It gave the impression like all the hair was just sitting perfectly on its own but really it was backed up by a large sturdy brim.

In the years 1907-1908 the Merry Widow Hat (which is a type of Silhouette designed with beautiful chiffon and organza and full of feathers) came in. It was part of the costume of “Sonia” the leading lady of the play “the Merry Widow” which opened in London in 1907 and was designed by Lady Duff Gordon.

It’s amazing how so much could change in so little time no? We went from the Simple Bonnet to the Lavish Merry Widow Hat in just a few years – can you guess what’s coming up in next week’s blog for stylish hats in 1910-1930?

Women’s Head Covers Styles and Trends: 1800 – 1900’s

bonnet-blogIn the world we live in today, it is very common, normal and done for women to have a job working out of the house in addition to doing housework, cooking etc. However, in the 1800’s and a little before, it was not yet common for women to do so. Women were generally found in the house cleaning, cooking, baking, sewing and basically doing house chores.

As you can imagine, wearing a dress hat while doing house work would be extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, women had to find the most comfortable and ideal head cover for their circumstance. Hence, the Bonnet came about. The Bonnet is a hat made of cloth or straw that is held in place on ones head by ribbons tied under the chin. It became common and popular due to its comfort and practicality since it would stay put while women did their housework.

However, by the time the 1890’s came along, it became more acceptable for women to get out of the house to involve themselves in activities such as biking, tennis and many other sports. The Bonnet hat that they were used to was not invented and intended to be worn outdoors for a dressed up look which is why women started looking for something more ideal for their new situation. Therefore, a more stylish and dressy Cloche hat was invented and gained popularity. The Cloche hat is round on the top, goes in by the head and slightly goes out by the brim. Basically, it’s the same shape as a bell which is why it’s called a Cloche (French for bell).

Check out our blog next week for stylish hats after the 1800’s!

Women’s Head Covers Styles and Trends: What Goes Around Comes Around!

Back in the days, women were busy in the house cooking and house keeping which is why they needed the most comfortable head covers around

Back in the days, women were busy in the house cooking and house keeping which is why they needed the most comfortable head covers around

You may have realized that a lot of the hats that are in style today resemble and look very similar to some hats from the 1800’s. The reason of course is that when it comes to women’s hats there are a few things that play a big role, like comfort and style. Back in the days, women were busy at home cooking and house keeping which is why they needed the most comfortable head covers around. However, when they left the house, a hat or head cover was worn more for fashion, hence they needed the most fashionable hats.

However, although we are still wearing berets, cloches, bucket hats and more, women’s head coverings (like all parts of fashion) took many turns as far as fashion and styles from the 1800’s to the 21st century. Head coverings have definitely evolved since the 1800’s and we now have a vast variety of many different stylish head coverings. Meaning to say, that our head coverings today may be the same hats as many years ago just a bit more modern looking and up to date.

In addition, while berets and hats have been around there are many new head coverings which were invented in this day and age. For example, the pre-tied bandana is a new head covering which women around the world adore. They are comfortable, stylish and practical. Of course, there are lots more such as soft wide head wraps and chenille snoods which women have definitely called their own and keep on coming back for more!

Coming up in the next few weeks is a series of Women’s Head Coverings styles from the 19th to 21st century and how current events effected the styles of hats and head covers worn. You’ll be surprised – what goes around comes around!:)

Wedding Season is Now in Full Bloom! Ever Considered Wearing Dress Hats?!

Women wearing dress hat

Dress hats are fashionable, classy and oh-so stylish!

For those of us suffering from hair loss, head covering can sometimes be a little hard when trying to find the right hat for a special occasion. With Wedding Season officially in full bloom, I’m sure this little bit of information will definitely be a help when trying to find that perfect hat for your next wedding.

When looking for dress hats there are a few factors to look into. As you most probably know, in general when you are looking to purchase a hat it is recommended to stick to ones made of natural fibers such as cotton for ultimate comfort. However, when it comes to dress hats, you will never find a hat made of cotton since the fabric itself is not so dressy. So, you can either opt for a different yet more expensive natural fiber such as Silk, or simply stick to Synthetic fibers and where a cotton under liner under to allow your head to breath and keep your hat firmly in place.

Dress hats are generally made out of the same material and fabric you would find dressy clothing made of such as Chiffon, Satin, Lace, silk, etc. Some dress hats are made fully covered with sequins for a striking look, others are made with shimmer and glitter and of course the list goes on and on. Depending on what you are wearing you may want to get a Dress Hat with a fancy applique or a simple Chiffon Hat that compliments your outfit.

Dress hats are a comfortable and great option for those looking to cover for any and many reasons. So go ahead and start the trend, after all, back in the days it was actually stylish and fashionable to wear a Dress Hat!