Are you looking for the perfect head cover that will allow you to cover your hair in style? Look no further than the classy beret!


It can be worn drooping to the side

There are different styles of berets, so depending on your needs, use this guide to walk you through your options!

The Wool Knit Beret is made out of wool (surprised?). It is a soft comfortable beret that can be found in cashmere wool, angora wool, regular wool and more. It comes in many different styles and can be dressed up with beads, sequins and pom poms. It can be worn drooping to the side, or can hang down a little bit on the wearers face. This beret is usually worn by women for beauty. It is stylish, dressy, classy and has the perfect fit.

A more elegant or fancy beret would be the High Fashion Beret. This beret is made by fashion designers in a variety of different materials and different styles. These berets are often made in dark colors for dressy occasions, light colors for more simple or summery days and in different prints (such as leopard or zebra print) for other occasions. A high fashion beret is usually made out of slinky or soft velvet but can sometimes be made of wool too.

A Painters Hat is a beret. It is floppy and made in many different colors. It’s the perfect hat to keep hair out of the face; which is why painters adopted this hat as their uniform for it helps them work without any distractions. Usually made of cotton, the painter hat beret usually has a stem like piece of material coming out of the top middle of the beret.

An Official Beret is a beret used for uniform. A typical uniform that has a beret is a military uniform. They are usually made from a thick wool that is very stiff. The military beret is made with a leather band in order to make it more comfortable for the wearer since it is worn a whole day long directly on their head and in the heat it may sometimes get uncomfortable without the leather band.

The Children’s Beret is a beret made for children. In the 1920’s until the 1950’s children wore berets simply for style. The girls wore a beret the color of their dress to add to their outfit and the boys usually wore white berets since the “sailor look” was in style then. A beret is the perfect hat to add to an outfit. It comes in many different colors and styles and is the most comfortable hat to wear by far. Kids berets were usually made of cotton, felt or velvet.


Women’s Head Covers Styles and Trends: 1960’s – 2000’s, Hats Back in Their Full Glory!

The Pillbox Hat

The Pillbox Hat

In the 1960’s Jackie Kennedy brought in the Pillbox Hat. This hat was a stiff/hard, short, small and round hat. Often this hat was decorated with either feathers, ribbon or gemstones. Sometimes, to give it a fancier or dressier look, a netted veil was added that covered ones face, it gave the hat a soft and feminine look. It was either worn tilted on an angle or sitting comfortably on the crown of one’s head.

By the mid 1970’s the “hippy” look came in. Women had adopted a variety of hairstyles many based on blow drying of hair into specific position that emanated from a center parting/ middle part. The Straw Hat with an extremely wide brim was very in at this time since it gave off a relaxed, laid back vacation look.

In the 1980’s, the Pillbox Hat that was brought about decades back, came in style again. With its decorations and netted veil it made a beautiful classy hat. However, a lot of the women still preferred getting their hair done; it made them feel younger and lighter.

In the late 1980’s through the 1990’s Princess Diana brought the hat trade back in full force. New hats, designs and designers were everywhere. Hats still remained on the top of the list of fashion at this point. Hats of all colors, designs and styles came back on the market. Until now however, there was no real coordination of hats matching to an outfit which is when Princess Diana brought in the “color coordinated look”- matching an outfit to a hat at this time.

Women’s Head Covers Style and Trends: 1940’s – War Time

beretsHead Covering styles in War Times changed drastically from fancy, wide brimmed hats to smaller and small brimmed hats. Head covers changed from stylish and fashionable to more simple and practical. A typical war or army hat was the beret. Why? The beret became a military trademark head cover due to the fact that it was difficult to wear improperly (there’s only one way to wear it) and it could be easily stowed away without damage.

The army and military style had a great influence in Women’s Head Covers which is when the Beret came into fashion. A beret is a soft, round brimless cap with a flat crown often made of wool or cotton which makes them extremely soft and pleasant to wear. They come in many different styles and designs. These berets were at the peek of fashion at this time and were worn by women and men alike.

Another very popular head cover at this time was the Turban. At this time, women started working in factories due to the changes brought about in the war. The turban made a perfect hat or head covering because it kept the hair away from the face and covered it securely so it wouldn’t get caught in the machines.

Stay tuned for next week to find out which head covers came into style post war.