Different Shapes of Headscarves

scarves tied

All three shapes can be tied in lots of beautiful ways

There are 3 different shapes of headscarves: Square, Rectangle (also called oblong) and Triangle. All three shapes can be tied in lots of beautiful ways. As you can imagine, there are different ties that are recommended to make only with specific shapes. Squares and triangles are used much the same – as squares are folded into a triangle shape before tying. Folding over the square into a triangle results in a thicker tie with more body and warmth. If the headscarf fabric is thin or see-through, folding the scarf also allows it to become more opaque.


Rectangle or Oblong scarves are used for tying intricate ties with lots of fabric as they are usually larger than a square scarf. Rectangle scarves are perfect for tying with the Hidden HEIGHT cotton undercover which effortlessly adds volume and height to one’s head.


A triangle scarf (or square scarf folded in half into a triangle) is placed on the head with the longest straight side at the forehead and two long pointed ends hanging down on either side. Take the two long pointed ends and tie them at the back of your neck – either above or below the third flap at the back. This is the basic tie for a square of triangle scarf and also the first step of many more intricate ways to tie a headscarf.


There is really no right or wrong way to tie a head scarf. So pull up a chair, sit in front of a mirror alone or with a friend, try it out and don’t forget to laugh, love, and learn!