Mix and Match!!!

Crocheted headbandsCrochet headbands are the perfect headband for any size head. From baby to adult, this headband can be worn by all, since it is crocheted with an extremely stretchy, soft fabric.

DSCN9862It’s perfect for baby since the actual size is small and doesn’t have to stretch so much. Also, some babies are born with little or no hair so this type of headband is the perfect choice since it gives an added girly touch. They’re practical for adults too to keep little flyaway hairs in place. They come in tons of colors so can be easily coordinated with any outfit.

Tired and bored of the same solid, plain colored headband?? Guess what! Now you can easily give your headbands a new look!! Here’s how:

First choose a selection of any bow, flower or applique with an alligator clip on the back. Then simply pinch open the clip and insert through as many holes as need be to keep in securely. Presto! You just created your own original headband!!! Now the fun can begin with mixing and matching different color headbands and different appliques! Use your creativity! The accessory can be worn on the headband either on the side or middle of your head. Your choice! 🙂
Tip: You can always choose your own accessory and add an alligator clip yourself!