What Kind of Headband is Best for Girls?

HeadbandLet’s talk headbands. What kind of headband is best for your little girl? So that really depends on her age, stage, and hair texture.

There are basically 3 kinds of hair bands for girls. Hard headbands with teeth, hard bands without teeth, and soft hair wraps.

Starting with the littlest babies, mothers start putting hair bands in their (non-existent) hair for the cutest look! Something about a new baby with a fresh flower in their hair looks so adorable! Babies need a very soft band with stretch to accommodate their delicate heads. Companies such as Dacee, Motique and others make soft headbands for babies ages 3-18 months.

Once your little girl hits her toddler years, she may decide she wants to be BIG and wear a hair band like the big kids. Headbands without teeth make the perfect accessory that she can put in and out herself. Or, you can start with headbands with teeth to keep all those wispy baby hairs in place.

Older kids choose headbands with or without teeth based on hair texture. Very smooth hair, is fine without teeth, but thicker wavy hair often needs the teeth factor to stay in place in the hair.

And finally, soft headbands are great for kids of all ages. They come in so many styles…Stay tuned for next week when we discuss the various types of turbands, leather headwraps and soft wide headwraps and their pros and cons!

Tip: Find a headband without teeth that you love, but need the teeth? Take the rough side of Velcro and stick it inside – Presto, you now have teeth!