Summer hair styles for your little girl.

Little Girl Hair Styles

The summer heat is on! What kinds of hairstyles will your little one be wearing this summer. So you basically have 2 choices. Up or down. Cute short pixie cuts are great for keeping the hair off the neck, but not all hair textures look good with this cut. And they need lots of maintenance as well. So unless your little girl has straight hair which can accommodate this style, and you have endless patience to keep it neat…thatโ€™s where hair accessories come in!

The main point in the summer that you will want to keep in mind is how to keep the hair off the neck and forehead to keep your little girl cool.

Pony holders are a must! And lots of them. In the house, in the car, in the purse and in the camp bag!! The more the merrier. You can never have enough pony holders. And if you have more than one daughter…even more so ๐Ÿ˜‰

Some fun summer styles are side ponies and buns. Both look very cute with lots of hair styles, hair lengths and can be dressed up with bows and clips. Messy buns are great for busy little girls who are too busy in the morning to sit still!! She’ll look so cute and no one will be the wiser that it was unintentional…

One more thing to keep in mind is those front hair and baby hairs that always end up sticking to the forhead on very humid days. Headbands and head wraps come in handy. Even though there is an extra layer on the head, somehow you end up feeling so much cooler with the hair pinned back.

Headwraps with height such as turbands or braided headbands make a great fashionable way to keep the hair in place.

Wishing all moms endless patience, and pony holders this summer! Keep cool…and don’t forget to drink ๐Ÿ˜‰