Top 5 Hair Accessory Picks for Summer 2015

little-girl-hairstyles-braids-pictures-225x300Did I ever tell you the story of when my sister was a little girl? She had this long gorgeous auburn hair. Only problem was she refused to get it brushed. So my mother gave her an ultimatum. Brush it or Cut it. And cut it she did. And in all her kid pictures you see an adorable little girl with short hair.

Now, if you lost the battle of the brush, rest assured, that all hairstyles – long and short just look so much better with matching adorable hair accessories! So here’s the rundown on the top 5 hair accessories for girls.


Pony Holder – What would a post on hair accessories be if we didn’t mention pony holders (hair twisters). There is so much variety out there. From the smallest braiding bands to wide scrunchies there really is so much available. New for summer 2015 is the fashion hair ties elastics that can be worn in the hair, or on the wrist for a fun hip bracelet.


Bows – Ever met a girl who didn’t love bows? Big bows, small bows, no matter. That little strip of grosgrain transforms her look! Hair bows are fairly inexpensive so you can really stock up on them and get ones to match every outfit. They look really  nice when placed on a side pony, or you can do two pigtails on a real little girl and clip one on each.


Headbands – Headbands are great for keeping the hair back and out of the way especially with all the summer sports and activities going on now. The headbands today can be very attractive. Flowers, cute hair bows, thin or thick – anything looks great on a hairband. And dress it up! Hair bands with diamonds for elegant occasions are all the rage.


Banana clips – these long combs just never seem to go out of style. They’re fun to wear and come in tons of colors and styles. You can never have enough. Just keep in mind that banana clips are not good for the real little ones since their hair is generally finer and you need some thickness to wear the banana clip properly in your hair. But if your daughter has hair that can hold it and she’s already begging for one, go ahead, indulge her! There is the standard clincher which looks like its name – a banana comb, and there are also all different kinds – rounder, minis and more.


Jaw clips – Jaw clips, like banana clips are here to stay. They come in all sizes from mini jaw clips for your babies thin hair to ones that are made for adults long thick ponies. You can use claw clips to keep your hair neat in  a half pony, full pony, or use the longer ones to keep all your hair up and off your neck.


So there you have it! The top five hair accessories that make great haircuts look even better!


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