Easy Hairstyles for Your Little Girl (Part 2)


Last month we had an easy hairstyle you can do for your daughters hair.

Here is a new spring hairstyle that looks cuteĀ and is easy to do!

Its a perfect hairstyle for everyday or special occasion if you dress it up!

The Braided Crown



Step 1: Start by making sure you have a brush, comb, small pony holders, and flowers or bows.

Step 2: take a small part on the left and braid it back.DSC_1597

Step 3:Take a small part from the right and braid it back.


Step 4: Take both sides and put them together with a pony holder.


Step 5: Twist the 2 braids and put another pony on the bottom.


Step 6: Add 2 bows or flowers on the top and the bottom.


Good luck and enjoy!