Looking To Buy A Sun Hat? Here’s All YOU Need To Know About What To Look Out For In a Sun Hat!

Womens Floral Summery Sun Hat

A Cap makes a comfortable sun hat to wear anytime and anywhere

As you now know, keeping your face protected from UV Rays is very important. The sun may be exciting and lift your spirits, which is fine, you just have to make sure you are well protected. Wearing a sun hat in hot summer days is very important and a necessary pre-caution to keep your skin safe. The three most important factors to look out for in a sun hat is Brim Size, Materials and Color.

Brim Size:

Of course, the best sun hats are floppy wide brimmed Straw Hats since the brim is so wide that it provides the best protection. However, if you are looking for something lighter and smaller, you may want to try a cloche or bucket hat which fits comfortably on ones head and has a smaller brim that goes all around the head which provides great coverage. If you are looking for something even smaller and less noticeable, a sun cap is your best bet. The brim in the front protects your face very well but since the brim doesn’t go all around, make sure to properly apply sunscreen on the back of your ears, back of your neck, your shoulders and anywhere else that the cap doesn’t cover.


Wearing a sun hat in the heat can cool you down since there is no sun shining on your face but it can also heat you up if it is not made from fabric of natural fiber. This fabric includes cotton, straw, paper, etc. which is breathable and allows air to circulate in and out of the hat.


As you may know, light colors reflect heat and dark colors attract heat. When buying a sun hat, try to stick to light colors so that the sun doesn’t beam down on your head.

Hope this information was helpful and will guide you to get yourself that perfect sun hat to protect your face in the sun.