Easy Hairstyles for Your Little Girl (Part 2)


Last month we had an easy hairstyle you can do for your daughters hair.

Here is a new spring hairstyle that looks cute and is easy to do!

Its a perfect hairstyle for everyday or special occasion if you dress it up!

The Braided Crown



Step 1: Start by making sure you have a brush, comb, small pony holders, and flowers or bows.

Step 2: take a small part on the left and braid it back.DSC_1597

Step 3:Take a small part from the right and braid it back.


Step 4: Take both sides and put them together with a pony holder.


Step 5: Twist the 2 braids and put another pony on the bottom.


Step 6: Add 2 bows or flowers on the top and the bottom.


Good luck and enjoy!


Easy Hairstyles for your little girl

Is your go to pony tail for your little girl getting boring? Don’t you want to change it up?

I know what you’re thinking! Who has time in the morning to try something new?

What if I told you that it was so easy and quick that it will only take you a few more seconds!!

Braid Wrapped Pony

Step 1: Make sure you have a comb or brush, pony holders and hair pins


Step 2: gather the top of the hair into a side pony leaving 1 inch of hair on the bottom


Step 3: Take the loose hair and make it into a braid


Step 4: wrap the braid around the pony holder and secure it with a hair pin


Add a headband or bow to make it more exciting!

Check back next week for another hairstyle for your little girl

A Warm Winter Hat will Keep You Healthy!

Warm Hat

When wearing a hat for warmth, you will want to look for a hat that comes lower on the head than, say a fedora. Like a cloche, bucket hat, or slouchy beret.

The weather is turning cooler and you’re all prepared. Warm coat, waterproof boots, and scarves and mittens all lined up. But wait – there is one very important article of clothing that will keep you warm and healthy this winter.

The Hat.

According to the U.S. Army Field Manual  40 to 45 percent of body heat leaves through the head. Kinda like all the warm air escaping when the door of the house is left open. Not so great…

Now just because you need a head covering to keep warm, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the fashion aspect. Oh, no. Hats are a fashion statement all of their own!

When wearing a hat for warmth, you will want to look for a hat that comes lower on the head than, say a fedora. Like a cloche, bucket hat, or slouchy beret. In addition, the warm winter fabrics such as wool, angora, tweeds, twills and knits will keep you cozy all season long.

So have fun shopping for the perfect womens hats this winter – and remember… your health!

Different Shapes of Headscarves

scarves tied

All three shapes can be tied in lots of beautiful ways

There are 3 different shapes of headscarves: Square, Rectangle (also called oblong) and Triangle. All three shapes can be tied in lots of beautiful ways. As you can imagine, there are different ties that are recommended to make only with specific shapes. Squares and triangles are used much the same – as squares are folded into a triangle shape before tying. Folding over the square into a triangle results in a thicker tie with more body and warmth. If the headscarf fabric is thin or see-through, folding the scarf also allows it to become more opaque.


Rectangle or Oblong scarves are used for tying intricate ties with lots of fabric as they are usually larger than a square scarf. Rectangle scarves are perfect for tying with the Hidden HEIGHT cotton undercover which effortlessly adds volume and height to one’s head.


A triangle scarf (or square scarf folded in half into a triangle) is placed on the head with the longest straight side at the forehead and two long pointed ends hanging down on either side. Take the two long pointed ends and tie them at the back of your neck – either above or below the third flap at the back. This is the basic tie for a square of triangle scarf and also the first step of many more intricate ways to tie a headscarf.


There is really no right or wrong way to tie a head scarf. So pull up a chair, sit in front of a mirror alone or with a friend, try it out and don’t forget to laugh, love, and learn!

How can a beret be worn?

berets 2Berets can be worn in many different ways:
1. On an angle- Place the beret on your head and gently push one of the sides down to make it slant on an angle. This is a very comfortable and stylish way of wearing a beret.

2. Pulled down- Place the beret on the higher part of your head and take the front and gently pull it a little so that the front part will lay a little on your face.

3. Pan cake – Simply take the beret and put it on your head wherever feels most comfortable. Since a beret is round, it will lie on your head like a pancake.

We see that the beret was and is worn by men and women – so is this a feminine hat or more of a masculine hat?

Well, before WWI the beret was only worn by men and boys. However, after WWII, the beret became a hat worn mostly by women (men and boys however still wore them for uniform). Nowadays, the beret is mostly worn by women but men still wear it for a uniform. The beret can be made to look feminine or masculine; it all depends on the style, color and design.

Are you looking for the perfect head cover that will allow you to cover your hair in style? Look no further than the classy beret!


It can be worn drooping to the side

There are different styles of berets, so depending on your needs, use this guide to walk you through your options!

The Wool Knit Beret is made out of wool (surprised?). It is a soft comfortable beret that can be found in cashmere wool, angora wool, regular wool and more. It comes in many different styles and can be dressed up with beads, sequins and pom poms. It can be worn drooping to the side, or can hang down a little bit on the wearers face. This beret is usually worn by women for beauty. It is stylish, dressy, classy and has the perfect fit.

A more elegant or fancy beret would be the High Fashion Beret. This beret is made by fashion designers in a variety of different materials and different styles. These berets are often made in dark colors for dressy occasions, light colors for more simple or summery days and in different prints (such as leopard or zebra print) for other occasions. A high fashion beret is usually made out of slinky or soft velvet but can sometimes be made of wool too.

A Painters Hat is a beret. It is floppy and made in many different colors. It’s the perfect hat to keep hair out of the face; which is why painters adopted this hat as their uniform for it helps them work without any distractions. Usually made of cotton, the painter hat beret usually has a stem like piece of material coming out of the top middle of the beret.

An Official Beret is a beret used for uniform. A typical uniform that has a beret is a military uniform. They are usually made from a thick wool that is very stiff. The military beret is made with a leather band in order to make it more comfortable for the wearer since it is worn a whole day long directly on their head and in the heat it may sometimes get uncomfortable without the leather band.

The Children’s Beret is a beret made for children. In the 1920’s until the 1950’s children wore berets simply for style. The girls wore a beret the color of their dress to add to their outfit and the boys usually wore white berets since the “sailor look” was in style then. A beret is the perfect hat to add to an outfit. It comes in many different colors and styles and is the most comfortable hat to wear by far. Kids berets were usually made of cotton, felt or velvet.

Women’s Head Covers Styles and Trends: 1800 – 1900’s

bonnet-blogIn the world we live in today, it is very common, normal and done for women to have a job working out of the house in addition to doing housework, cooking etc. However, in the 1800’s and a little before, it was not yet common for women to do so. Women were generally found in the house cleaning, cooking, baking, sewing and basically doing house chores.

As you can imagine, wearing a dress hat while doing house work would be extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, women had to find the most comfortable and ideal head cover for their circumstance. Hence, the Bonnet came about. The Bonnet is a hat made of cloth or straw that is held in place on ones head by ribbons tied under the chin. It became common and popular due to its comfort and practicality since it would stay put while women did their housework.

However, by the time the 1890’s came along, it became more acceptable for women to get out of the house to involve themselves in activities such as biking, tennis and many other sports. The Bonnet hat that they were used to was not invented and intended to be worn outdoors for a dressed up look which is why women started looking for something more ideal for their new situation. Therefore, a more stylish and dressy Cloche hat was invented and gained popularity. The Cloche hat is round on the top, goes in by the head and slightly goes out by the brim. Basically, it’s the same shape as a bell which is why it’s called a Cloche (French for bell).

Check out our blog next week for stylish hats after the 1800’s!