What Makes The Chenille Snood a Great Headcover?

The snood is like a slouchy beret, and can be worn as a full head cover, or as a partial headcovering with a wig, or hair hanging down.

The snood is like a slouchy beret, and can be worn as a full head cover, or as a partial headcovering with a wig, or hair hanging down.

The Chenille snood is a very soft and comfortable head cover that lays very nicely on the head. The snood is like a slouchy beret, and can be worn as a full head cover, or as a partial headcovering with a wig, or hair hanging down.

The fabric of the snood is very soft and cozy making it ideal for the wintery weather. In addition, chenille snoods come in lots of colors and styles so you can customize your look.

You can also choose a snood with lining – for additional security and warmth, or unlined for a lighter airier feel.

The front of the snood is threaded with a piece of elastic so it will stretch to comfortably stay on the head. If after wearing the snood for a long while it begins to stretch, simply tug on the elastic at the back, and tie a little knot in it to tighten.

Give a chenille snood a try today. Once you try it on, you won’t want to take it off!


Head Scarves – Tichels – Mitpachot: 3 ways of saying “”I finally found the coolest, most comfortable, economical, and stylish way to cover my hair!”

I finally found the coolest, most comfortable, economical, and stylish way to cover my hair!

I finally found the coolest, most comfortable, economical, and stylish way to cover my hair!

There. Now you know what a tichel is 😉

Tichel, head scarfs or Israeli tichels are a popular head scarf worn by many people including those who cover for both religious reasons and hair loss.

An israeli head scarf can be square or oblong (Rectangular shaped). There is every color and style one can imagine. From the basic Israeli tichel with lurex and fringes in many different colors to the Israeli tichel with flower design and the striped headscarf with gold lurex; there’s never a dull moment when it comes to covering ones head!!

There are many different ways to tie head scarves – by either tying them into a bun, crown, braid and more. Depending on the size, there are all kinds of cool ways to tie them. Tying headscarves is quick, easy, simple and fun! In the next few blogs we will explore some of the different ways to tie a head scarf. So stick with us and we’ll show you some amazing effortless ties!

Introduction to the pretied head scarf

Pretied Headscarf

Many women love the comfort and ease of use of a pretied headscarf

A pretied headscarf is really a bandana style head cover that has elastic sewn in at the neck to hold it comfortably on your head. There are two “tails” that hang down to resemble the look of a real bandana tied.

Many women love the comfort and ease of use of a pretied headscarf especially when going through hair loss or chemo. Here are some tips to help you navigate the world of the pretied head scarf.

FIT:Depending on the fit of the pre-tied, your hair texture and the fabric some pre-tieds can slip back.

Cotton and velour slip less than lycra, and a pre-tied bandana that is too tight or too loose will slip as well.

You can use a headband made for this purpose such as the Milano WiGrip which is a thin velour headband that creates friction against you scalp or hair and against the head coverings under a pre-tied scarf.

In addition, you may choose to tie the tails together to get a more secure fit.

CARE:A pretied scarf should be handwashed to keep it in tip-top shape. If there are appliques, glitter or sequins hand wash only. Lay the pretied on a towel to dry.

FABRIC: Just like with other head covers, there is a wide variety of fabrics available for a pretied head scarf. They come in velvet, cotton, lycra, and more. Cotton is generally reccommended as it allows your scalp to breathe, though velvet can be very appreciated in the fall and winter for the extra warmth it provides.

COLOR: Look for a color that complements your skin tone or eye color. Or go with a fun and funky print to add some cheer!

Women’s Head Covers Styles and Trends: Pre-War Hat Styles

doll hatIn the 1920’s women yearned to look sophisticated and wealthy; which is why the Cloche came back in. The cloche was a bell shaped hat that simply went out at the bottom and covered the wearer’s eyes a little bit, making one hold their head high which in effect made them look sophisticated. The cloche’s drawback was that it was somewhat masculine looking and did not have the femininity of other women’s hats. Eventually that lead to a change in styles.

This is when neat Feminine hats with extra trimming and finishes, such as the Doll Hat came into fashion. The doll hat is a wide brim that is not too stiff but not too floppy either. It gave off a very young, girly, doll like and playful look. It came in many different feminine colors and designs with bows, flowers and other sorts of embellishments. High crowned hats that sat on an angle on the head were also very in style for the same reason.

This style pretty much lasted till the late 1930’s when Crochet Snoods came into style. You might wonder how the style changed so drastically from beautiful stylish hats to simple Crochet Snoods. The reason is that in the late 1930’s World War II broke out and the women of that time wanted to show loyalty. Therefore, they chose to save these fabrics and materials for the army instead of wasting it for their own personal pleasure.

Stay tuned to next week to find out what head covers women wore during war time.

Wedding Season is Now in Full Bloom! Ever Considered Wearing Dress Hats?!

Women wearing dress hat

Dress hats are fashionable, classy and oh-so stylish!

For those of us suffering from hair loss, head covering can sometimes be a little hard when trying to find the right hat for a special occasion. With Wedding Season officially in full bloom, I’m sure this little bit of information will definitely be a help when trying to find that perfect hat for your next wedding.

When looking for dress hats there are a few factors to look into. As you most probably know, in general when you are looking to purchase a hat it is recommended to stick to ones made of natural fibers such as cotton for ultimate comfort. However, when it comes to dress hats, you will never find a hat made of cotton since the fabric itself is not so dressy. So, you can either opt for a different yet more expensive natural fiber such as Silk, or simply stick to Synthetic fibers and where a cotton under liner under to allow your head to breath and keep your hat firmly in place.

Dress hats are generally made out of the same material and fabric you would find dressy clothing made of such as Chiffon, Satin, Lace, silk, etc. Some dress hats are made fully covered with sequins for a striking look, others are made with shimmer and glitter and of course the list goes on and on. Depending on what you are wearing you may want to get a Dress Hat with a fancy applique or a simple Chiffon Hat that compliments your outfit.

Dress hats are a comfortable and great option for those looking to cover for any and many reasons. So go ahead and start the trend, after all, back in the days it was actually stylish and fashionable to wear a Dress Hat!

Back To Basics: Why Women Cover

Fashionable hats for women

Depending on the styles in that era was the kind of hat they wore, either the bigger the hat the more elite, or the smaller the hat the better, etc.

Going back Centuries, Men and Women were always seen wearing hats. Depending on their activity that day was the kind of hat they wore. For ladies, wearing hats not only depended on the activities they were doing at that time such as house keeping, cooking, working etc. but over time it became worn mostly for fashion. Depending on the styles in that era and style was the kind of hat they wore, either the bigger the hat the more elite, or the smaller the hat the better, etc. However, when the Second Word War broke out, wearing hats became unpopular due to the impracticality of rushing to hide in shelters with a hat on.

Today, wearing hats or head coverings is definitely not as popular as before WWII but it sure  is very common and fashionable.  You may ask why women decide to cover their hair. Below are some of the most common reasons women decide to wear head coverings.

1. Hair Loss:

Women who unfortunately suffer from hair loss for reasons such as Cancer (chemo), Alopecia, Trichotillomania or any other reasons often choose head coverings such as Pre-tied Head Scarves, Women’s Hats, Untied Headscarves, Caps and more for reasons such as comfort, practicality, style, etc. The large amount of different styles available in women’s head covers allow women going through hair loss to retain a sense of self and really look great. There are many head coverings which were invented specifically for women with hair loss such as the hidden height undercover, pre-tied bandana with height, and much more.

2. Sun and Heat:

As you know, the sun can be very dangerous to our skin. Wearing a sun hat is a very necessary pre-caution as well as wearing sun tan lotion. During the hot and sunny summer months, women choose to wear either Sun Caps, Floppy Sun Hats, Cloches, etc. to keep safe and protected at all times.

These are just 2 of the many reasons why women cover. Checkout our blog next week to see many more reasons women choose to cover their hair with practical head covers such as Hats, Pretied Headscarves, Caps and more.


Looking To Buy A Sun Hat? Here’s All YOU Need To Know About What To Look Out For In a Sun Hat!

Womens Floral Summery Sun Hat

A Cap makes a comfortable sun hat to wear anytime and anywhere

As you now know, keeping your face protected from UV Rays is very important. The sun may be exciting and lift your spirits, which is fine, you just have to make sure you are well protected. Wearing a sun hat in hot summer days is very important and a necessary pre-caution to keep your skin safe. The three most important factors to look out for in a sun hat is Brim Size, Materials and Color.

Brim Size:

Of course, the best sun hats are floppy wide brimmed Straw Hats since the brim is so wide that it provides the best protection. However, if you are looking for something lighter and smaller, you may want to try a cloche or bucket hat which fits comfortably on ones head and has a smaller brim that goes all around the head which provides great coverage. If you are looking for something even smaller and less noticeable, a sun cap is your best bet. The brim in the front protects your face very well but since the brim doesn’t go all around, make sure to properly apply sunscreen on the back of your ears, back of your neck, your shoulders and anywhere else that the cap doesn’t cover.


Wearing a sun hat in the heat can cool you down since there is no sun shining on your face but it can also heat you up if it is not made from fabric of natural fiber. This fabric includes cotton, straw, paper, etc. which is breathable and allows air to circulate in and out of the hat.


As you may know, light colors reflect heat and dark colors attract heat. When buying a sun hat, try to stick to light colors so that the sun doesn’t beam down on your head.

Hope this information was helpful and will guide you to get yourself that perfect sun hat to protect your face in the sun.