Easy Hairstyles for Your Little Girl (Part 2)


Last month we had an easy hairstyle you can do for your daughters hair.

Here is a new spring hairstyle that looks cute and is easy to do!

Its a perfect hairstyle for everyday or special occasion if you dress it up!

The Braided Crown



Step 1: Start by making sure you have a brush, comb, small pony holders, and flowers or bows.

Step 2: take a small part on the left and braid it back.DSC_1597

Step 3:Take a small part from the right and braid it back.


Step 4: Take both sides and put them together with a pony holder.


Step 5: Twist the 2 braids and put another pony on the bottom.


Step 6: Add 2 bows or flowers on the top and the bottom.


Good luck and enjoy!


Easy Hairstyles for your little girl

Is your go to pony tail for your little girl getting boring? Don’t you want to change it up?

I know what you’re thinking! Who has time in the morning to try something new?

What if I told you that it was so easy and quick that it will only take you a few more seconds!!

Braid Wrapped Pony

Step 1: Make sure you have a comb or brush, pony holders and hair pins


Step 2: gather the top of the hair into a side pony leaving 1 inch of hair on the bottom


Step 3: Take the loose hair and make it into a braid


Step 4: wrap the braid around the pony holder and secure it with a hair pin


Add a headband or bow to make it more exciting!

Check back next week for another hairstyle for your little girl

Keeping your Kids Warm This Winter

image1Do you feel like you are running after your kids every morning to wear a hat or earmuffs?

What if their hats were so comfortable and stylish that they started asking to wear them each morning? Sounds impossible, we know. But moms are great at the working out the impossible! This winter lets strive for warm and wonderful without compromising!

Maybe it’s time for you to try berets, our berets come in so many different styles and colors that you won’t be able to say no!

Berets are easy and comfortable to wear, they can be casual and dressy. Your kids can wear them to school, on Sundays and to play dates. Berets come in knit and cotton. You can match any outfit or coat with colors like orange, pink, blue, mustard, and taupe, just to name a few!

You can also try thermal beanie hats! They are warm and lined with thermal fleece to keep your little one’s head warm. These also come in many colors to match to your winter coat and accessories. Get them in red, blue, grey, brown, black or tan to keep their little heads protected from the cold.

So before the snow starts falling and the air becomes numbing, order the proper winter gear to ensure your child runs off to school or to play warmly. Not only will they be toasty and cozy but they will also be the most stylish kid on the block!

Top 5 Hair Accessory Picks for Summer 2015

little-girl-hairstyles-braids-pictures-225x300Did I ever tell you the story of when my sister was a little girl? She had this long gorgeous auburn hair. Only problem was she refused to get it brushed. So my mother gave her an ultimatum. Brush it or Cut it. And cut it she did. And in all her kid pictures you see an adorable little girl with short hair.

Now, if you lost the battle of the brush, rest assured, that all hairstyles – long and short just look so much better with matching adorable hair accessories! So here’s the rundown on the top 5 hair accessories for girls.


Pony Holder – What would a post on hair accessories be if we didn’t mention pony holders (hair twisters). There is so much variety out there. From the smallest braiding bands to wide scrunchies there really is so much available. New for summer 2015 is the fashion hair ties elastics that can be worn in the hair, or on the wrist for a fun hip bracelet.


Bows – Ever met a girl who didn’t love bows? Big bows, small bows, no matter. That little strip of grosgrain transforms her look! Hair bows are fairly inexpensive so you can really stock up on them and get ones to match every outfit. They look really  nice when placed on a side pony, or you can do two pigtails on a real little girl and clip one on each.


Headbands – Headbands are great for keeping the hair back and out of the way especially with all the summer sports and activities going on now. The headbands today can be very attractive. Flowers, cute hair bows, thin or thick – anything looks great on a hairband. And dress it up! Hair bands with diamonds for elegant occasions are all the rage.


Banana clips – these long combs just never seem to go out of style. They’re fun to wear and come in tons of colors and styles. You can never have enough. Just keep in mind that banana clips are not good for the real little ones since their hair is generally finer and you need some thickness to wear the banana clip properly in your hair. But if your daughter has hair that can hold it and she’s already begging for one, go ahead, indulge her! There is the standard clincher which looks like its name – a banana comb, and there are also all different kinds – rounder, minis and more.


Jaw clips – Jaw clips, like banana clips are here to stay. They come in all sizes from mini jaw clips for your babies thin hair to ones that are made for adults long thick ponies. You can use claw clips to keep your hair neat in  a half pony, full pony, or use the longer ones to keep all your hair up and off your neck.


So there you have it! The top five hair accessories that make great haircuts look even better!

Summer hair styles for your little girl.

Little Girl Hair Styles

The summer heat is on! What kinds of hairstyles will your little one be wearing this summer. So you basically have 2 choices. Up or down. Cute short pixie cuts are great for keeping the hair off the neck, but not all hair textures look good with this cut. And they need lots of maintenance as well. So unless your little girl has straight hair which can accommodate this style, and you have endless patience to keep it neat…that’s where hair accessories come in!

The main point in the summer that you will want to keep in mind is how to keep the hair off the neck and forehead to keep your little girl cool.

Pony holders are a must! And lots of them. In the house, in the car, in the purse and in the camp bag!! The more the merrier. You can never have enough pony holders. And if you have more than one daughter…even more so 😉

Some fun summer styles are side ponies and buns. Both look very cute with lots of hair styles, hair lengths and can be dressed up with bows and clips. Messy buns are great for busy little girls who are too busy in the morning to sit still!! She’ll look so cute and no one will be the wiser that it was unintentional…

One more thing to keep in mind is those front hair and baby hairs that always end up sticking to the forhead on very humid days. Headbands and head wraps come in handy. Even though there is an extra layer on the head, somehow you end up feeling so much cooler with the hair pinned back.

Headwraps with height such as turbands or braided headbands make a great fashionable way to keep the hair in place.

Wishing all moms endless patience, and pony holders this summer! Keep cool…and don’t forget to drink 😉

What Kind of Headband is Best for Girls?

HeadbandLet’s talk headbands. What kind of headband is best for your little girl? So that really depends on her age, stage, and hair texture.

There are basically 3 kinds of hair bands for girls. Hard headbands with teeth, hard bands without teeth, and soft hair wraps.

Starting with the littlest babies, mothers start putting hair bands in their (non-existent) hair for the cutest look! Something about a new baby with a fresh flower in their hair looks so adorable! Babies need a very soft band with stretch to accommodate their delicate heads. Companies such as Dacee, Motique and others make soft headbands for babies ages 3-18 months.

Once your little girl hits her toddler years, she may decide she wants to be BIG and wear a hair band like the big kids. Headbands without teeth make the perfect accessory that she can put in and out herself. Or, you can start with headbands with teeth to keep all those wispy baby hairs in place.

Older kids choose headbands with or without teeth based on hair texture. Very smooth hair, is fine without teeth, but thicker wavy hair often needs the teeth factor to stay in place in the hair.

And finally, soft headbands are great for kids of all ages. They come in so many styles…Stay tuned for next week when we discuss the various types of turbands, leather headwraps and soft wide headwraps and their pros and cons!

Tip: Find a headband without teeth that you love, but need the teeth? Take the rough side of Velcro and stick it inside – Presto, you now have teeth!

Mix and Match!!!

Crocheted headbandsCrochet headbands are the perfect headband for any size head. From baby to adult, this headband can be worn by all, since it is crocheted with an extremely stretchy, soft fabric.

DSCN9862It’s perfect for baby since the actual size is small and doesn’t have to stretch so much. Also, some babies are born with little or no hair so this type of headband is the perfect choice since it gives an added girly touch. They’re practical for adults too to keep little flyaway hairs in place. They come in tons of colors so can be easily coordinated with any outfit.

Tired and bored of the same solid, plain colored headband?? Guess what! Now you can easily give your headbands a new look!! Here’s how:

First choose a selection of any bow, flower or applique with an alligator clip on the back. Then simply pinch open the clip and insert through as many holes as need be to keep in securely. Presto! You just created your own original headband!!! Now the fun can begin with mixing and matching different color headbands and different appliques! Use your creativity! The accessory can be worn on the headband either on the side or middle of your head. Your choice! 🙂
Tip: You can always choose your own accessory and add an alligator clip yourself!

Little Girl Hair Accessories for the Spring

Spring is in the air! Hair Accessories are the first accessory to update your kids look!

Spring is in the air! Hair Accessories are the first accessory to update your kids look!

Spring is definitely on its way over, here on the east coast. Kids are once again taking out their bikes and helmets and speeding down the pavements. The melting snow soon to be a distant memory.

With spring comes the feeling of newness. Rebirth. And as the leaves start sprouting, its a great time for a fresh start.  Though it may be too cold to pull out summer clothing, your kids hairstyle can announce the fast approach of warmer weather.

One of the best hair accessories for the new season is the flower hair clip or flower headband. Flower clips look great in a half side pony, and do just as well in the back, on top of a full pony if you like your childs hair pulled back for a neat look. A flower headband will keep wispy hair out of your kids face, and though kids always request it…clips and headbands together are a big fashion no-no.

So clip a fun flower in your daughters hair, and very soon, flowers will be sprouting everywhere!

Its been a long winter. But we made it!

New Innovative ways to wear a soft wide headwrap!

Are you bored of wearing the same headwrap over and over? Turn them into a whole new look!

It’s really simple; all you need is a solid wide cotton headwrap and a contrasting patterned headwrap.  First put on the solid headwrap and open the width.


This is also great if you’re looking for extra coverage because they open pretty wide. Next, take your patterned headwrap and open the width on top of the solid one. This is also a great idea if you like patterned headwraps but they are not wide enough for you.


For a trendier look, use the same idea with your 2 headwraps you chose.  First put on the solid headwrap over your hair so the elastic shows in the back and open the width.


Next, take your patterned headwrap and open the width on top of the solid one. The elastic in the back adds added interest to this whole unique design.


Good luck and happy hair day!!

What Makes The Chenille Snood a Great Headcover?

The snood is like a slouchy beret, and can be worn as a full head cover, or as a partial headcovering with a wig, or hair hanging down.

The snood is like a slouchy beret, and can be worn as a full head cover, or as a partial headcovering with a wig, or hair hanging down.

The Chenille snood is a very soft and comfortable head cover that lays very nicely on the head. The snood is like a slouchy beret, and can be worn as a full head cover, or as a partial headcovering with a wig, or hair hanging down.

The fabric of the snood is very soft and cozy making it ideal for the wintery weather. In addition, chenille snoods come in lots of colors and styles so you can customize your look.

You can also choose a snood with lining – for additional security and warmth, or unlined for a lighter airier feel.

The front of the snood is threaded with a piece of elastic so it will stretch to comfortably stay on the head. If after wearing the snood for a long while it begins to stretch, simply tug on the elastic at the back, and tie a little knot in it to tighten.

Give a chenille snood a try today. Once you try it on, you won’t want to take it off!